Breathing Universe
This is the first track on "The Static Event" and also has the first Poem by Matt for this project recorded in it. The inital melody is by Meero, and was arranged and enhanced for length by Paul.
Erosene Winds (Sampler 07/08/06)
Here is a rough demo - The beginnings of the first track that will make long time EP fans smile. A vintage sound, with a leap in technology from our first effort.
Updates as we go, watch the sampler date.
Non Solus
This melody originally appeared on our first CD "Beyond The Arch - Solus" and after having so many people comment on the length (to short) Paul decided to rework the piece into a more satisfying arrangement and a more upbeat note for this theme. We also felt it would be a great way to bridge the two albums and get us started again.
Lament for The Fallen
From the beginning we wanted this CD to be a very uplifting work... that said we have to bend to inspiration and in doing so, our best to make this piece as noble and spiritually uplifting as it can be while retaining the solemn mood of a funeral march EP style.
Within the Veil (Rough Demo)
It's an EP staple to make each project oroborous. This is the Poem for the end of the piece to make it complete... or.
Mar de Estrelas
Mar de Estrelas celebrates the human spirit of exploration throughout the centuries.
Crystalline is a simple and beautiful piece paying homage to one of EP's greatest Influences & Inspirations.
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